Rain is pouring down — again. We’re already some 23 inches above average precipitation on the year,

Rain is pouring down — again. We’re already some 23 inches above average precipitation on the year, and it’s only September. However, my crops and I are nice and dry, thanks to the largest of the four high tunnels I built on our small farm in southeastern Pennsylvania. What’s a high tunnel? It’s a poor man’s greenhouse. Instead of expensive glass and intricate steelwork, the structure consists of a simple frame — usually made of bent galvanized metal pipe or PVC pipe, though wood can be used. The pipes that form the “bows” or “ribs” of the frame fit into slightly larger diameter pipes that are driven two or three feet into the ground to form the foundation. Smaller PVC pipe is sometimes slipped over pieces of rebar hammered into the ground. The whole thing is then bolted together with baseboards, purlins, end-framing and doors to meet your needs. The frames are covered with one layer of 6-mil UV-resistant greenhouse plastic. The plastic is attached with everything from expensive aluminum channels and “wiggle wire” to wooden lath, old fire hose, strips of inner tube, and even used drip-irrigation tape. The tunnels are not heated, but having an emergency heat source handy is cheap...

T-Drill’s portable T-65 SS performs stainless steel branching

T-Drill has introduced the T-65 SS portable unit for making T-joints of 17 to 54 mm OD in main run tubes up to 300 mm. It eliminates cutting of pipe, two welded joints, fitting cost, tube polishing at welding points, and inspection costs, says the company. The branch pipe can be connected to a formed outlet by orbital or manual welding. The machine has two handles: one for drilling through and the other one for pilot hole side movement. This minimizes the amount of force needed to drill through the steel. Pilot hole adjustment and tool changing have been simplified. To switch from one tool to another, the user tilts the machine, without holding the weight of the machine at any point. Welded Steel Pipe, Seamless Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel Pipe – Shenzhoutong,https://www.tjshenzhoutong.com/