CBD vapes are exploding in popularity. And no wonder: they can deliver immediate calming effects. (Unlike CBD capsules or tinctures, which can take hours to be absorbed into your bloodstream.)

But how can you tell which CBD products are legit? We contacted companies, labs, and experts. Read on for the best CBD vape pens and vaporizers available online.

This CBDistillery GG4 Vape Pen stands out because it contains a very high amount of CBD: about 195 MG CBD per cartridge, according to lab results. (Which is pretty darn close to the 200 MG advertised.) And unlike almost all vape pens on the market, it doesn’t contain propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or MCT oil.

This marks a new evolution in vape pens. Today, most vape cartridges on the market include these common thinning agents listed above. Thinning agents are necessary, because they dilute viscous cannabis, nicotine, or hemp oil enough to turn it into vapor when heated. However, because the use of these chemcials in vape cartridges is still relatively new, little is known about their health effects. According to Leafly, these common thinning agents have been studied more in e-cigarettes, which have been around for longer.

Leafly reports that there is no conclusive evidence that vaping these additives is harmful for your health. However, when researchers heated propylene glycol and examined its vapor, they found the PG converted to a potential carcinogen.

“Producers of vaporizer cartridges are making a mass exodus away from these thinning agents due to their health risks and the unpleasant taste they tend to carry,” Leafly reports.

CBDistillery is among these vape producers moving away from traditional thinning agents. In this new vape pen, they instead turn to a new vape additive called ABSTRAX TEC Oil.

“This high quality, all-natural cutting agent ABSTRAX TEC Oil … is arguably a better alternative to other cutting agents, including the brand’s previously used Triple Distilled MCT Oil,” reads the product description. “TEC is an all natural, organic, and food grade agent which is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA, providing users with a safer vaping solution. The ABSTRAX TEC Oil is formulated with a special blend of terpenes with antioxidants and anti-irritants which results in a smoother vaping experience and has no taste or odor by itself, even after vaporization.”

Intriguingly, the company refers to this pen’s “GG4” terpenes, without elaborating much further. Normally, in the cannabis industry, GG4 is taken to mean a high-THC strain of cannabis known as Gorilla Glue #4. But this pen contains no THC.

The third-party lab tests, conducted by Botanacor, found around 391 MG CBD per mL. When we asked a company representative, we learned that the carts are .5mL. So each cartridge contains about 195MG.

If you want a high-potency vape pen without any possibly-harmful additives, you can’t do much better than this pen. 

This CBDistillery Lavender Vanilla Vape Pen with 200 MG CBD stands out because it has CBDistillery’s same forward-thinking, clean technology, with the addition of a soothing flavor. 

And Lavender has been shown to have a calming effect. This would be the perfect pen to smoke before bed. That way, you can drift off to sleep worry-free, thanks to CBDistillery’s commitment to pesticide-free, Colorado-grown hemp — and their promise that their pens contain zero potentially-harmful cutting agents. 

This CBDistillery Grand Daddy Purp Vape Cartridge stands out because it meets CBDistillery’s high standards, and customers love the terpene-rich flavor.

It appears that this flavor is still made with MCT, which the company distills from fractionated coconut oil to “a specific medium chain triglyceride formula which is easily converted into ketones (a substance produced when the body breaks down fat),” according to a product description.

So it might not be quite as forward-thinking as their innovative vape products above (which contain zero PG, VG, or MCT), but it still made by CBDistillery, one of few vape producers certified by the US Hemp Authority.

Test results show these .5mL carts contain about 195 MG CBD isolate each, similar to their other 200MG vape carts.

This CBDistillery GG4 Vape Cartridge is similar to the CBDistillery vape cartridges listed above — except it represents a more sustainable option for the Earth-conscious vaping enthusiast.

That’s because this one doesn’t come with the “disposable” vape battery. You save your battery from your another pen (any 510 thread size will work), and just screw this cartridge onto it.

Interestingly, it’s the same price as the full pens reviewed above. This doesn’t provide much incentive to save your battery and re-use it with your new cartridge.

But hopefully, since you’ve learned about how vape batteries are leaching toxic substances into landfills, you might consider this more sustainable option. 

This is a disposable vape pen, meaning you don’t need to charge it, or save the battery to use with additional cartridges. That’s why disposable vape pens are considered the easiest and most convenient way to vape, for newbies and seasoned vapers alike.

Today, many consumers exclusively purchase disposable vape pens like these. There’s no charging cables (which always seem to get lost), no re-filling cartridges, and no searching for cartridges with the right thread to screw onto your existing battery.

All these perks make it seem like disposable vape pens are the best choice for smart shoppers. But are they right for you? They have one major problem: disposable vape pens create a lot of waste. When you’re done, you probably just toss it in the trash — unless you’re incredibly ethical, in which case you research the correct way to recycle vape batteries in your area. 

(If you’re an Earth-friendly shopper, you may want to purchase a traditional vape pen, and simply buy additional cartridges to screw onto your existing battery. Check out the cartridges elsewhere on this list!)

Before you responsibly recycle your disposable vape battery, you’re bound to enjoy this fruity flavor: Blue raspberry is the most popular in CBDfx’s diverse flavor lineup.

This CBDfx Fresh Mint CBD Vape Pen stands out because its third-party lab results confirm that it contains exactly 30 MG of CBD — and because disposable pens are hands-down the easiest kind to use.

This pen is perfect for beginners, as well as seasoned vapers who love convenience. It’s also perfect for anyone who loves to keep their mouth feeling minty fresh, while also staying calm thanks to the anxiety-reducing benefits of CBD.

This pen is great for microdosing CBD, because it only contains 30 MG. (For comparison, some other vape pens on this list contain 200 MG of CBD.) You can rest assured that it contains exactly 30 MG, thanks to these lab tests conducted by Pharm Labs in San Diego.

It does not appear to contain any detectable levels of any other cannabinoids, despite being marketed as “broad spectrum CBD.” (Broad spectrum usually means that the CBD is accompanied by a “spectrum” of cannabinoids, with which it naturally occurs in hemp plants.) We are working on figuring out this discrepancy and will update this review with any new information we obtain. (For example, it’s possible that this pen contains additional cannabinoids, but at levels too low for the San Diego lab to detect.)

This vape pen is formulated with CBDfx’s proprietary blend of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and natural flavors. PG and VG are additives that are commonly used in most vape pens. They help convert the other compounds in the vape liquid into vapor, making it possible for you to inhale it.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified propylene glycol as an additive that is “generally recognized as safe” for use in food.

This leaves PG, a petroleum-derived product, open to attacks about its health effects when consumed as vapor. But according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), PG breaks down in the body in about 48 hours.

If you’re concerned about vape additives, or simply trying to avoid petroleum-derived products in your life, you may want to look at the more “pure” vape pens included in this list.

This CBDfx Disposable Vape Pen is the same convenient model as those listed above — but it’s perfect for strawberry lemonade lovers. Plus, it’s almost as affordable as a few glasses of lemonade!

This CBDfx Disposable Vape Pen is the same convenient model as those listed above — but it has the added flavor of ripe, juicy mangoes.

The FlowerMate V5 Nano Vaporizer stands out because it can accommodate traditional dried herb as well as concentrates. That means you can load the chamber with CBD oil, or with CBD hemp flower, or even with a CBD-rich strain of cannabis flower. (Of course, you can also vaporize traditional pot out of this device.)

FlowerMate’s devices are best known, as the name suggests, for vaporizing flower (also known as bud), the non-leafy part of the cannabis plant that, once dried and cured, you’d find in a bag of marijuana.

Some people prefer CBD flower to CBD oil, because with flower, they know they’re reaping the benefits of the “entourage effect” — all the plant compounds remain together, just as nature intended.

Plus, if you’re smoking CBD flower, you don’t have to worry about any of those cutting agents in vape pens (explained above).

Flowermate vaporizers aren’t as slim and compact as the vape pens above, because they include a large “oven” chamber, which you pack with dry herb. The ceramic chamber heats evenly, so you don’t need to stir it.

This model boasts a tight lid, and there’s no leakage of vapor. Customers claim this makes their cannabis supplies go further.

The digital temperature gauge allows you to fine-tune your preferred temp, on your quest for maximum flavor. The long-life battery allows for 6-10 seshes between recharging. Plus, if your battery runs out on the road, you can just swap it out for a spare battery. (You can recharge your lithium battery on the included rapid-charge cable.)

If you want to vape CBD oil, you switch out the chamber for the concentrate-friendly capsule, which is included. You also get a magnetic loading cap, which helps you load your vaporizer chamber without spilling anything.

This company provides fast shipping and great customer service. It includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Most customers find that these devices are built to last.

The Autloops Relova Vaporizer stands out because of its classic old-school pipe design and its user-friendly technical features. It’s designed for vaporizing flower, so unless you have access to CBD flower (either from hemp or high-CBD plants), this is not the vape for you.

It’s shaped like a tobacco pipe, but instead of the bowl for tobacco, there’s a chamber for placing your dried herb. It’s a large chamber, so you can pack enough for 8-10 hits.

If you’re want to puff on a pipe, think deep thoughts, and pretend you’re Ernest Hemingway — but you don’t want to kill your lungs — this product is perfect for you.

Where Hemingway would light his tobacco, you’ll instead be gazing at a digital LED temperature display, where you can adjust the temperature for optimal vaporization.

Some users have complained about short battery life. Battery problems are common among lower-priced vaporizers, and it sounds like this pipe-shaped vape is no exception. (If you want a longer-lasting vaporizer, you may have to spend more — check out the other options on this list!)

The Pax 2 is a sleek, high-functioning portable vaporizer for dry herb — which means you can use it with CBD flower, too.

It’s considered the best vaporizer on the market for vaporizing dry herb. The only downside is that you can’t vape concentrates (like CBD oil or vape liquid) out of it.

Plus, with the Pax 2, you save at least $30 compared to the Pax 3, the newer model from Pax. The main difference between the Pax 2 and Pax 3 basic is that the Pax 2 doesn’t have “haptic feedback.” In other words, it doesn’t vibrate when your lips touch it.

It does, however, sense when it’s been put down using motion sensors, and it turns itself off to save battery. It has four different temperature settings.

99% Organic Cbd Isolate

But remember: If you don’t have access to CBD flower (either from hemp or high-CBD plants), a flower vape is not the right CBD vape for you. (In that case, check out the disposable CBD pens and cartridges elsewhere on this list.)

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